Sunday, October 21, 2012

Megillat Ruth, 1:16

In Biblical times, this statement would have marked Rut’s conversion to the Hebrew religion and her acceptance by the God of Israel. Do you think a statement—or an internal wish—of this sort should be the only rite of conversion needed by a person who wishes to join the Jewish people? Why or why not?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sotah 3:3, Question 5:

Identify one truism that you hold that is in danger of making a sweeping group generalization. Express the issue that is near and dear to you without resorting to stereotypes.

Sotah 3:3, Question 4:

Consider the quotation from Dickens here. Do minorities have a responsibility in and of themselves to guard their behavior so as not to provoke stereotypes? Or is it the majority's responsibility alone to recognize the disconnect between individual and group?

Sotah 3:3, Question 3:

Who is Yochani bat Rivti? What did she do Why do the chachamim say that the entire generalization is due to her alone?

Why do you think Rabbi Eliezer generalizes about females because of her alone?

Sotah 3:3, Question 2:

How can you rewrite both of Rabbi Eliezer's views in a more constructive light, without making generalizations about groups of human beings?

Sotah 3:3, Question 1:

How is Rabbi Eliezer's view an acceptable rebuttal to Ben Azzai?

Devarim 31:12, Question 3:

How does the Conservative movement use "lo bashamayim hi"? How can this be dangerous?